LiDAR sensor

  • 64 channels LiDAR.
  • 170 m range.
  • 360° x 45° field of view.
  • 2 laser returns.
  • ± 3 cm accuracy.
  • 1.310.720 points per second.


  • Internal precision MEMS unit with 2°/hr gyroscopes.
  • Dual-Band L1, L2, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, RTK and PPK capable.
  • 2000 Hz INS solution.

SLAM Mapping

A continuous layer of our proprietary AP-SLAM algorithm runs on-top of the INS for an unmatched performance and accuracy.


Full resolution point cloud in industry standard file formats [.las] with attributes such as range, reflectivity, return number and strip number.


External micro SD-Card up to 512 GB.


  • Operating temperature range of -10 °C to 45 °C with constant airflow.
  • 9V – 36V DC input voltage.
  • 25 W typical, 36 W peak.
  • 87x95x113 mm
  • 590 grams.

Mounts and Accessories:

  • Can be mounted on drones, robots, vehicles, handheld or bikes.
  • Compatible with the DJI M300, DJI M350 and Freefly ASTRO.
  • Compatible with others drones with our AP Universal Mount.